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As soon as we find better ways to deal with our children’s behavior and notice that positive parenting solutions really work, we want to share them with others, especially with friends and relatives who are clearly doing it . . . um, wrong. But should you intervene and give advice to a parent whose child is misbehaving? And, if you do, how can you make sure it’s helpful?

At PEP, we’re excited to see The Washington Post today addressing this important question in an article by Amy Joyce. She asked parenting experts including PEP’s education director Patti Cancellier to weigh in on the question “how do we—or do we?—tell another parent that they need to change their ways?”

In PEP’s early days, long before Google, former PEP board member Steve Buck would offer struggling parents a PEP business card and a friendly word of encouragement: “Now they come with instructions!”