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First posted at Balancing Act, LLC.

Being organized is something we agree we should do, promise ourselves we’ll start doing each and every December 31st (or next Monday, or when school starts, or when the stars align, or when the pigs are flying). But why? Why be organized? If we dig deep and think about how being organized makes us feel, how it changes how we talk to ourselves and how we talk to our children or our partners, we find a well of inspiration and energy. Once we get started (the hardest part), energy and motivation magically builds on itself as our closets become tidier, our meals start planning themselves, and the car is always gassed up.

What happens when we get organized?

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Paige Trevor is a certified parent educator, writer, public speaker and founder of Balancing Act, LLC, an organizing consultancy providing tried-and-true methods for establishing efficient routines and a peaceful household. Her workshop Getting Organized: Where Do We Start? takes place at PEP tomorrow, July 23, 7:30-9:30 p.m. Register here, or call 301-929-8824.