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PEP Family Resiliency Program
Resources for DCPS Community Schools

An MTSS Tier 2 program that strengthens parenting skills and
connections to better support children’s mental wellness and resiliency.

What: FREE 8-week program for parents and caregivers to support your child’s mental wellness, resiliency, and success in school! Parents who complete at least 5 classes and the evaluation are able to earn a $50 gift card (one per household).

Who (Community Schools): Any parent/caregiver

Who (Non-Community Schools): Any parent/caregiver with a referral* from a school staff member
*DCPS should refer parents/caregivers whose children are struggling or challenged by stress/anxiety, particularly families of color or from historically marginalized communities. Referral code is WINTER or INVIERNO.

When: English sessions are offered on Tuesdays and Sundays. A Spanish language session is also on Tuesdays. 

  1. Tuesdays, March 5 to Apr. 30, 7-8:30pm (English)
  2. Sundays, March 10 to May 5, 7-8:30pm (English)
  3. Tuesdays, March 5 to Apr. 30, 7-8:30pm (en español)

Where: On Zoom!


For more info, please contact:

PEP FRP Toolkit for Community School Liaisons, Social Workers, Principals, Assistant Principals, and School Staff

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Free Parenting Class for Families! Learn tools to help your children handle stress and setbacks. Join the nonprofit PEP’s (Parent Encouragement Program) free 8-week online program for parents/caregivers of children aged 5-18, in English or Spanish. Learn to support your children’s mental wellness and resiliency and connect with other parents. Complete at least 5 sessions and the evaluation to receive a $50 gift card. Classes start in March, register today:

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Join PEP’s free 8-week virtual class for parents/caregivers of children (5-18). Learn to help support mental wellness, school success, and connect with fellow parents. Classes start in March. Earn a $50 gift card for going to 5+ classes and the evaluation. Register today:


Spanish / español

¡Clase gratuita de capacitación para padres y cuidadores! Aprenda herramientas para ayudar a sus hijos a manejar el estrés y los contratiempos. Únase al programa gratuito de 8 semanas en línea de la organización sin fines de lucro PEP (Parent Encouragement Program), para padres/cuidadores de niños de 5 a 18 años, en inglés, español o amárico. Aprenda a apoyar el bienestar mental y la resiliencia de sus hijos y conéctese con otros padres. Completa al menos 5 sesiones y la evaluación para recibir una tarjeta de regalo de $50. Las clases comienzan en marzo, inscríbase hoy:

Spanish / español

Únase a la clase virtual gratuita de 8 semanas de PEP para padres/cuidadores de niños (5-18 años). Aprenda a ayudar a apoyar el bienestar mental, el éxito escolar y conéctese con otros padres. Las clases comienzan en marzo. Obtenga una tarjeta de regalo de $50 por asistir al menos a 5 clases y a la evaluación.

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Registration link

Referral code for non-Community Schools: Please use the code winter or invierno

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How the programs works:

Classes in English or Spanish will be offered on select evenings starting the week of March 4, 2024 (Tuesdays and Sundays).

Classes will meet 1 night a week for 8 weeks starting the week of March 4, 2024.

Class Topics by Week:

    1. How to Manage Change and Transitions
    2. Raising More Motivated and Cooperative Kids
    3. Emotion Coaching—Responding to Your Child’s Strong Emotions
    4. Understanding and Supporting Children’s Mental Health Needs Part 1
    5. Understanding and Supporting Children’s Mental Health Needs Part 2
    6. When to Set Limits and When to Let Go
    7. Managing Your Anger When It Flares
    8. Evaluation. Participants who complete at least 5 program sessions and the evaluation session on week 8 receive a $50 gift card (one per household)
Classes will meet online via Zoom, with a short video presentation followed by a group discussion led by a PEP facilitator.


Is there a fee or cost for schools to have their parents participate?

There is no fee or cost for schools to encourage their families to participate in PEP FRP. The program is completely free to DCPS families thanks to funding from the ​​Maryland Community Health Resources Commission, the State of Maryland, and other private donors. Learn more about the Maryland Community Health Resources Commission and how it impacts DCPS.

What languages are offered? Are they translated?

We offer our classes in English and Spanish. We do not do simultaneous translation due to the nature of the program.

Can more than 1 parent in a household participate?

Yes, multiple parents and caregivers can participate, however, only one $50 gift card is available per household.

How do parents and caregivers participate?

Our classes are held on Zoom and parents are able to access the sessions on their phones, laptops, iPads, or desktop computers.  

How big are the classes?
Classes are kept to a maximum of 25 participants to encourage an interactive discussion among all participants.
Who are the facilitators of the groups?
The PEP-FRP programs are peer-led. All of our facilitators are parents or guardians and have trained with PEP to conduct the program. Our Spanish language and Amharic language groups are led by native speakers of each language.
How can we learn more?

Please reach out to us to get your questions answered. Contact Mindy Chong, PEP’s Associate Director at

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