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PEP Master Classes

Build your parenting on a solid foundation with PEP’s master classes.

Discover how to bring out the best in your children, and in yourself, through tools to build a cooperative, calm, and connected family.

Each online, 4-week master class is offered monthly and includes:

Video lessons


Handouts to learn and practice at home

"Try This" at Home exercises


Q&A and discussion with PEP Parent Educators

Learning with other parents that you are not alone!


Encouragement lays the foundation for a strong parent-child relationship.

*Take this class first.

Redefining Discipline

Redefining Discipline provides strategies to help your children build independence through collaborative problem solving.

What Your Child’s Behavior Means

Shares tools to understand your child’s temperament and a step-by-step process to decode and respond to challenging behaviors.

For parents of children aged 2-18, with details on how concepts relate to different ages and developmental stages.

PEP Parent Educators encourage lots of questions to help you practice how the strategies apply in your family.

We Recommend:

  • Take the class with a co-parent or caregiver through one registration.
  • Take one class at a time.
  • Set aside a few hours per week – the efforts you invest now will save you time and create a calmer household.