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The 9 personality traits that determine who we are and how we interact with the world.

Activity Level

How active your child needs to be every day, including how much time they spend being active versus inactive.


The predictability or unpredictability of biological functions such as hunger, sleep, and bowel movements.

Approach and Withdrawal

The way a child reacts to a new situation or person, right as the moment is unfolding.


How easily someone can adjust to life changes.

Sensory Threshold

How sensitive your child is to things like sound, taste, touch, and temperature.

Quality of Mood

Adults & kids experience many emotions every day. Quality of mood is about where we tend to land most of the time.

Intensity of Reactions

How much energy a child puts into responses, whether they are positive or negative.


How easily can a child’s attention be diverted from an activity.


How long someone is willing to stay with a task even when it is challenging.


Take this interactive quiz to learn about where you and your family member(s) fall on the temperament scale.